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Hadeer Albosta


Hadeer Al Bosta Company was established in 2016 in the city of Amman - Jordan

In the concept of service, the quality in all way's is Hadeer Albosta company's vision,   and has taken upon itself as a principle to satisfy customers , employees, the society & environment.

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Our Activities

Hidden Eye
Import & Export
Real Estate Management
Manghoshe we Akthar
Ongoing Project
Ongoing Project

Anas Al Bosta Owner of The Company

Mr. Anas's speech:

The company has been established on the basis of steady plans to expand its business to put an effective footprint in the market by adhering to the standards of quality , credibility in all fields and we support the non-traditional thinking and engage in new experiences in order to promote the culture of learning and development for individuals and the company.

What are we all about

Imagine two men facing each other, pointing past one another. One is pointing at a tornado that is coming, and the other at a raging fire headed towards them.

Each sees their own truth and is angry at the sight of the other’s hand. Each feels that the other’s hand is “wrong.” This may seem silly, but replace the tornado and fire.

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